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Jumat, 08 Februari 2013

Training Have Influenced People

Everyone wants to run sometimes, but as you insist, the race will be an easy habit.

An immediate change race is weight loss, and indeed there are many advantages in it. In addition, if you become thinner, it will be easy to buy clothes, maintain a healthy, isolated hypertension, fatty liver, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, stroke and other diseases and it will make you more confident. It is probable that you find the energy from the secret area of ​​your body so you can continue to persevere. It is said by some riders that are holy religious "experience advanced riders." Execution wish to exercise your brain and let your mind focus.

Noah said, the operation of Dharuk Mura kami may have influenced some people, including himself. Anyone can cultivate the habit and enjoyment of the race, no matter how trivial a move, provided that you maintain all day, and then something with similar ideas will be produced. For this procedure, however, it will be extremely tortuous. A story was given by Dharuk he ever had a conversation with Soto Gu who was a long distance runner, so he asked what should such situations it would come as no intention run today was boring mood and wanted to have a sleep at home. Gu Soto opened his eyes round and said with anger like "how could this person ask silly questions if" tone replied: "It is useless to ask this kind of thing always happens."

I am aware of the thing that is a real stupid question when I rethink deeply now. I am also clear just now, but I still hope that the question can be answered by him in person. Even if the amount of exercise and motivation are different, I always ask when getting out of bed in the morning and jogging shoes laces secure ", will he and I have the same opinion. when I heard the response Soto Gu, I felt relaxed in my heart. People are just the same as I expected.

A story was told by Chuangbei Quanming that Zhao was a master marathon in inland areas was disqualified when his physical classroom, so one day he planned to ten kilometers. Accordingly, when the marathon became popular in the interior, it has always performed very well. A few years ago, due to the sponsorship of the brand and corruption for them years, his performance failed miserably. But this year he came back.

Emphasize the race is an easy habit to cultivate, but it can also be a difficult thing, because you always have an excuse. Sometimes it is an intermittent operation, but as long as you stick to run. I would not agree with the idea that the race listening to music. The real racers rarely listen to music, the reason is that when you enjoy the race, the pace and tempo appears to be equal to the music. Your heart will be glad if you notice changes in your body every day thanks to adhere to run every day.


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