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Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013

Reduce weight of the recipes

With the popularization of health knowledge, people increasingly aware that, in accordance with a fitness scientific and effective training rather than spending a lot more expensive to buy health care practice. Hurry, for his fitness program to develop a winter bar.
Characteristics of winter fitness program.

Characteristics of winter fitness program fitness expert Brown said the United States, the program fitness winter has two characteristics:
Firstly, the weight loss winter fitness program should focus on developing. Winter strengthen human digestive function, appetite, body weight in winter many people have reached the most weight. On the other hand, when the consumption of heat in the winter exercise is also great, a good time to remove the fat.

According to reporter understanding, in the national weight control will all the thousands of members, they each successfully lose weight. Approximately 14 kg of experience, and reduce the weight for at least three years. Speaking of weight reduction experience, members are considered, the winter is to keep record of sports moments of weight loss, and one of the most important ways is the most important.

Second, people winter waning immunity to the disease, so another key point in the program of winter fitness through exercise effective way to prevent the disease. But, unplanned, improper exercise, not only can not the physical condition, also because of the sick body and sick.
Give priority to aerobic exercise.

Winter is cold burst of anaerobic exercise can cause physical discomfort, and can even cause injury if the physical condition and be sure to select the action when a smaller, higher consumption of calories aerobic exercise. On specific projects, may vary by age differences: young people, can be organized running high-impact aerobics, which can consume more calories. Middle-aged people can be organized as brisk walking, jogging, stair climbing and other low-impact aerobic movements; Older people can be organized for a walk, yoga, tai chi and other projects .

Youth may be appropriate to increase the amount of exercise in the winter period, the time may be longer, such as running, spring and summer can be more than 10-15 minutes.

Middle-aged general health in decline, not because not busy with work, gym and fitness program in the winter depending on the amount specified activities.

After completing a program of winter good condition to achieve the best health outcomes, the key is to respect, not because of cold weather or snow will not give up easily. Texas Women University sports expert John Duncan made a recent survey also showed: the intensity is not the most important, the law is the most important.

Choose good health in winter.

Winter spring summer fitness program and health plan that there are two important differences.

Firstly, the timing is very different from people of all ages according to their physical condition to select the active period. Young people because of the strong physical ability to adapt to climate change, good physique, physical rehabilitation, fitness during the winter can be scheduled in the morning and afternoon fitness of the elderly in winter should generally be selected by 14 points -19 points, their poor health, choose the highest temperature with solar time for fitness activities easy to open, to avoid injury.

Second, the program fitness selection the Sun during the winter and spring / summer season fitness program is different. Emphasized in the Sun sports winter, spring and summer in the shade of the activity is necessary to avoid heat stroke.


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