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Kamis, 04 April 2013

Making Your Walking Helpful

Hiking, the walking, also spoke of civilians. According to various regions, it is split into suburban, rural, mountain hiking, rivers, and so on. In most cases, walking always happens in places where suburban and rural areas. Walkers should wear hiking boots in the long hiking activity, which can help them to protect their soles. And in ancient times, hiking is a general term for walking, public and

Now, let's talk about hiking in further detail. According to various areas, hiking divided into many classification: suburban, rural, mountains, forests, deserts, snowy glaciers, valleys, plains, mountains, the Great Wall trail, grass, lakes, rivers, and many other classes. A short distance walk normally within 15 km, and middle distance walking is usually between 15 to 30 kilometers, and of course, hiking long distances over 30 miles.

Pedestrians should wear hiking shoes specially if the distance is long enough to protect the soles of shoes and for some walkers physical training activities, they also have the need to load weighing 10-15 kg materials.People call climbing enthusiasts and fans of outdoor sports "ALICE ".

Hiking Cross refers to the outdoor acivity requiring pedestrian hiking completed all their tasks entirely on foot. During the process, outdoor activities possible through the mountains, forests, deserts, snow fields, rivers, valleys and other landscape. Pedestrians also have a wild comprehensive higher skill requirements that they must incorporate hiking, rock climbing, rafting survival, boating and outdoor in one. Pedestrians must not only have good physical, psychological quality is stable and ethical standards, but also the spirit of helping the team.

Before climbers started the trip, he had to get a further understanding of the condition of climbing areas, such as weather, geomorphology, level of difficulty, risk factors, necessary equipment, food, medicines, and so on. Because of knowledge, exploration and unexpected characteristics hiking, hikers must acquire the relevant knowledge and skills to survive in the outdoors, to cope with the ever-changing field.

Health and good physical condition is the most important element that pedestrians should have. Pedestrians can not eliminate these prerequisites because there are no shortcuts to developing one body to a suitable unless the physical training program. Physical training skills can be acquired through swimming, hiking, walking distance, cycling and strength training skills can be acquired through daily push-ups, dumbbell, sit-ups and chin-ups.

Here are some of the need for pedestrians. First is essential supplies: backpacks, quick-drying pants or long sleeves, hiking boots. A sunscreen and a hat or sunglasses are very useful in protecting yourself from the sun into. Personalized medicine is also very important, such as medicinal oil, bone-setting medicine, sticker, stomach, or the effects of individual drugs, anti mosquito. Remind each water body to prepare personal and appropriate supplements for the trip. And the second is the suggested equipment: alpenstock, towels, plastic bags, spare clothing, camera, lights, and waterproof bags.


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